DIGITAL MEDIA: The 5 Most Effective Methods of Using It

Digital media refers to audio, video, text, and graphics that have been converted into a digital file and can easily be transmitted over computer networks. Examples include video games, e-books, social media, e-commerce, websites, virtual reality, and interactive story-telling. Digital media is used in several industries in the contemporary world. These include entertainment, information technology, health, education, marketing and advertising, television, radio, environment, and government.

Impact of Digital Media on Society

It has developed rapidly since the 1980s and with it has come both positive and adverse effects on society. On the positive side, it has changed the way people connect and communicate. It has also enhanced community building by linking people from all over the world at the touch of a button. Digital technologies have also opened up opportunities for employment through platforms such as Upwork. This has been of great significance particularly in developing countries. Additionally, digital technologies provide e-learning opportunities. Thus opening up a world of possibilities for people who would not have easy access to education.

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