What Makes Google the Best Place to Work?: The 10 Outstanding Facts about Google

Google Inc. Organizational Culture

Google is arguably the best place to work. It is one of the largest and most valued companies in the world and the US. It has a high market capitalization. It has over 70 offices in 40 countries around the globe from North America to Asia and Africa (Armstrong, 2010). As such it can afford to hire some of the most qualified candidates in the industry and to provide them with attractive terms of employment and perks.

The Best Place to Work

One of the methods it uses to attract and retain the best talent is providing an excellent work environment for its employees that focuses on fun, productivity, creativity, and wellness. It seeks to ensure that its employees’ are well taken care of within the Google campus and also outside in terms of health, morale, and comfort. The workspaces are ergonomically designed, and there are gaming centers and organic gardens for staff to unwind.

  Benefits of Working at Google

Google offers an on-site staff clinic and wellness center to keep its staff in excellent health. Additionally, it provides great health insurance to its employees so that they do not have to worry about medical bills for themselves and their immediate dependents. Google also provides travel insurance and emergency evacuation assistance to its employees for both work and personal vacations.

          Google is the best place to work. It provides 22 weeks paid maternity leave for new mothers, and 12 weeks for new fathers; this is longer than most companies. It also provides on-campus child-care services and quiet rooms for lactating mothers to express breast milk.

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