Six Sigma Quality Project


Six Sigma is a business strategy that aims at identifying and correcting errors and inefficiencies in business processes. It achieves this by utilizing certain tools and quality control procedures. When properly implemented, it facilitates effective business processes and increased revenue for the business due to higher customer satisfaction. The objective of the Six Sigma strategy is to streamline key business processes while minimizing defects in the same. This paper will analyze the process of using the Six Sigma strategy to reduce the time cinema goers spend queueing to buy snacks. With less time spent in line, the movie theatre will attract more customers.

Summary of the Project

Vox Cinemas is the leading cinema chain in Abu Dhabi. It has a branch in Yas Mall Abu Dhabi which attracts many customers due to its strategic location. Waiting in long queues to buy snacks is one of the main customer complaints at Vox especially on busy weekends. This problem has caused a decline in the movie theatre’s revenue since it causes many customers to avoid the theatre. The attendants at the snack counters are also overwhelmed by their inability to serve all the customers efficiently. It is therefore crucial for the management to find an effective strategy that will facilitate faster and better service.

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