Sales Approach Presentation: The 3 Most Effective Methods of Selling

Create a PowerPoint presentation with speaker’s notes that you could deliver to a supervisor regarding how you would make a sales approach. The goal of this presentation is to convince your supervisor that you are the best person to sell this product.

Choose a product and target customer group. For this sales presentation, you may choose a product and/or customer base that you have explored in a previous assessment, or you may choose something different.

The Sales Approach Process

Create a narrated PowerPoint presentation of no more than 20 slides (not including title and reference slides). This should be a presentation, not a sales pitch. Also note that you do not need to provide an audio recording of your presentation, but use the speaker’s notes in the box at the bottom of each PowerPoint slide to narrate what you would say during the presentation. Your speaker’s notes should be easy to read and understand; do not use shorthand or abbreviations. Your presentation should fulfill the following:

Appraise a product, service, or product solution for an identified customer. Describe it in a manner that would demonstrate sales acumen to your supervisor.
Highlight key features and benefits for the target customer(s).
Describe the qualification process, if applicable.
Describe any characteristics of the target organization that will influence how you would handle the consultative selling process.

Describe the demographic categories that you would target, and include information about these categories that may be relevant to the sale.
Anticipate potential questions, concerns, or obstacles.
Create a method for identifying and contacting prospective customers. Describe your intended prospecting and communication methods in a manner that would persuade your supervisor that you have found the best approach.

Describe the prospecting method you believe will be most successful, providing evidence to support your recommendation.
Describe your anticipated sales cycle (how many calls, et cetera).
Provide other relevant context. Depending on the product, you might need to outline the division of labor for a team approach or discuss potential risks, give an overview of travel requirements, et cetera.
Support the chosen sales approach with professionally reputable sources. Use material from the resources provided in this course, or other trusted material, to demonstrate why your sales approach is the best option.

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