Propose a process for evaluating the success of the new system and a procedure for implementing software fixes and enhancements.

Implementation”  Please respond to the following: You are the manager of a payroll system. Your company is going to replace the legacy payroll system with a more robust, Web-based version. Suggest two approaches that would minimize downtime and interruption to the payroll process. Provide specific examples to support your response. Propose a process for evaluating […]

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Fingerprint recognition

1) The remote worker 2) Hacking tools 3)  In a corporate, networked setting, should end users be allowed to install applications on their company workstations, whether the applications are on a DVD or downloaded from the Internet? Be sure to weigh security against usability.   4)  Many people believe that the use of biometrics is […]

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make sure that you address security issues using standard cybersecurity terminology (e.g. protection, detection, prevention, “governance,” confidentiality, integrity, availability, nonrepudiation, assurance,

Case Study #2: Technology & Product Review for Identity Governance & Administration Case Scenario: For this case study, our focus shifts to technologies and products used to implement the Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) business process and related security controls. IGA is used to manage and mitigate insider threat. Insiders, because of their access to […]

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What about the incentive system resulted in massive creation of fake accounts by the retail operation and why did it only get worse from there?

he Principle-Agent Problem, To Manage Incentive You Have to Understand Motivation. What Is the Principle-Agent Problem?  Here is some help.   com/watch?v=cpu0dw9VY2E”> Here is our case study this week. This week we look at the principle-agent problem and what when wrong at Wells Fargo. After another CEO Tim Sloan the CEO who was suppose to restore the bank’s reputation stepped down […]

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Denial-of-service attacks

Our society, economy, and critical infrastructures have become largely dependent on computer networks and information technology solutions. Cyber attacks become more attractive and potentially more disastrous as our dependence on information technology increases. According to the Symantec cybercrime report published in April 2012, cyber attacks cost US$114 billion each year. If the time lost by […]

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what type of auction is used and why that type of auction is appropriate for the product/service.

he following video describes auctions as price discovery mechanisms Use the video on auctions and at least 3 academic and/or high-quality business publications, see definitions below, to answer the following questions in 5-7 pages: 1.  There are many types of auctions each with strengths and weakness at uncovering the real price/value of an item.  […]

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