How to build a Personal Computer

Throughout the course of your lifetime, you will own more than one computer or computing device to meet a variety of needs including academic, personal, and professional requirements.  In this paper you will explore your current computing needs within a budget.  Conduct research and document your purchase. Using a budget of $1500, research and write […]

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Explore the various issues in Ethnic Representation in Politics

For your final essay, you will need to watch two different documentaries; Race 2012 and Miss-Representation. Using Race 2012 and Miss-Representation, write about some of the pitfalls that women and ethnic individuals might face in the world of politics. In your opinion, is the system set up for these individuals to even pursue politics? Mention […]

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Ethic Portfolio

The Portfolio PaperThe ethics portfolio paper develops an ethics and compliance program plan that applies knowledge from ethical standards and applications discussed and presented in the course, and is due no later than Saturday night at 11:59 p.m. central time of Week 8. The paper will be evaluated using the Weekly Writing Assignments and Research […]

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Federal Job Guarantee and Universal Basic Income

Describe the policies of a Federal Job Guarantee and a Universal Basic Income. What similarities and differences do they have in terms of their methods/aims? Which program, in your opinion, has the greatest welfare effects? Justify your position

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Change Management

Comprehensive Change Management Process (130 points) The final project for this course requires students to create a comprehensive Change Management Process, including its origination and implementation. To complete this project, address the following: Choose a Middle Eastern organization in which you are currently working or with which you are familiar. Provide a brief description of the […]

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Les Miserables

Why is Les Miserabl your favorite film. Write a 350 word response paper detailing your reasons for your choice.

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Sales Approach Presentation

Create a PowerPoint presentation with speaker’s notes that you could deliver to a supervisor regarding how you would sell a product. The goal of this presentation is to convince your supervisor that you are the best person to sell this product. PreparationChoose a product and target customer group. For this sales presentation, you may choose […]

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Business Management

Rising costs; stagnant revenues; hostile competition; internal dissension. The CEO’s task: balance short-term cuts with long-term vision A paper should be written in integrated essay format and address the issues outlined in the prompts provided . You should add your own evaluation of the case and provide a¬†synthesis of your ideas on the subject of […]

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