Arbitration and Mediation

Write an essay critically analyzing Arbitration and Mediation as methods of dispute resolution. The essay should identify various advantages and disadvantages of these methods of dispute resolution. It will explain situations in which the selection of one method over the other would be justified. The essay should refer to statute and case law where appropriate […]

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Prepare a detailed short paper that thoroughly discusses the critical elements in the execution of a quality plan. As you formulate your paper, consider the importance of the following:  · Leadership strategies  · Stakeholder identification  · Development of a quality philosophy based on the mission of the organization Accomplish the following within your paper:  · Create an organizational chart […]

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The Invisible Sponsor

Some executives prefer to micromanage projects whereas other executives are fearful of making a decision because, if they were to make the wrong decision, it could impact their career. In this case study, the president of the company assigned one of the vice presidents to act as the project sponsor on a project designed to […]

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International Business

A business enterprise is an organization involved in the provision of goods and services whose sole motivation is to make a profit. It may exist in the form of a sole proprietorship, corporation, or partnership. Globalization and technological advancements have allowed business enterprises to expand exponentially thus leading to their transformation into international businesses. However, […]

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Supply Chain Management

You are the director of supply chain planning over at PlushToysInc Corp. and you are tasked with implementing an aggregate planning strategy.  Your CEO meets with you and says it’s time to roll out the newest stuffed animals for the holiday season. The company recently completed a sales forecast totaling 7,000 units to satisfy customer […]

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Passing the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable care Act faced many obstacles for many reasons not the least of which is that it came at the time when the country was facing a financial crisis. Major challenges included its legality. Republicans believed that making it mandatory for everyone was a great infringement into the people’s private lives by the federal […]

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Companies outsource to reduce cost. The availability of cheap labor is a major reason why many companies outsource. India is an example of a country with cheap labor costs. The cost of living is affordable and companies can get a quality labor force. It is for this reason that Google alongside other western tech companies […]

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International Business Communications

 You are in the role of project manager for a coffee franchise global expansion project. You plan to expand into three different countries. The magnitude of the project requires you to prepare for the project kickoff meeting and business negotiations with the project team who are potential partners from Mexico, China, and Saudi Arabia. You […]

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As a manager, how would you deal with resistance to change in your company when you suspect that employees’ fears of job loss are well founded?  Is there an offsetting positive that you can use to satisfy workers?  How would you go about communicating the overall story of why change is needed?

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