Sleep Quantity and Academic Performance in Undergraduate Students

The current analysis aimed at evaluating the association between sleep quality and academic performance in undergraduate students. A quantitative data collected from mathematics students in various years at the campus was adopted. The data entailed 65 students undertaking undergraduate studies were selected as sample. The students were handed a questionnaire consisting of three sections. Demographics […]

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Børve, H. E., & Bungum, B. (2015). Norwegian Working Fathers in Global Working Life. Gender, Work & Organization, 22(4), 309–323. The article presents an investigation into the effects of global working life has on working fathers’ family roles. The research reveals that the working fathers are prone to absence to their families, which impacts negatively […]

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Primary Tissue

The primary functions of the connective tissue are providing support to the body, protection, and insulation. Connective tissue also binds together different body organs. These tissues play a role in storing reserve energy in addition to the transportation of various substances within the body. Blood is the fluid connective tissue that transports nutrients and oxygen […]

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Case Study “Nutriment’s New Hires”

With the demand for more nutritional food options growing. Nutriment Biotech is positioned to become a leader in agricultural biotechnology. Nutriment is a start-up biotech company that is working to develop genetically engineered food crops that offer enhanced nutrition along with easier production for farmers. Emily Hart and Harold James established Nutriment as a research […]

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Case Management Assessment

Case management is integral to the achievement of client wellness and autonomy. It does this through the identification and facilitation of services and resources, education, communication, and advocacy. Case management can be conducted through different approaches following the context. It generates data that can be used to promote social support and involvement of family members […]

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Low-Income Students & Higher Education: Financial Challenges of Low-Income Students & Resources Available to Help them Succeed.

Low-income students face unique financial challenges in college which can make higher education seem out of reach and impossible. Inadequate academic and financial preparation are two of the key factors in a lack of college success for low-income students. Low-income students do not possess the financial stability nor necessary support to prepare for college success. […]

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Policy Change for Teenage Motherhood

Teen pregnancy is a complex issue. Young mothers face negative effects on educational attainment and earnings irrespective of their social backgrounds. Findings from population welfare studies also show that teenage mothers from better-off backgrounds can experience a heightened level of these restrictions in comparison to their counterparts from disadvantaged neighborhoods. The delay in having children […]

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Worldview Analysis and Personal Inventory

An evaluation of postmodernism concepts and the Christian worldview reveals the existence of some clear contradictions. It is clear that Nurses, who adhere to Christian values, are faced with several dilemmas. This happens because they practice in a setting that requires the application of postmodern views. Christians believe in the existence of the holy trinity […]

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The European Union (EU) does not suffer from a democratic deficit because of two key reasons. First, that citizens of the member countries typically participate in the elections directly through EU Parliament elections. Secondly, the citizens participate indirectly by way of the national elections of the countries to which they belong. However, it is arguable […]

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