5 Advantage of Legalizing Marijuana


In the last four decades, public opinion has changed drastically with most people supporting legalizing marijuana. They consider prohibition as a costly initiative that has failed and believe that legalization is a better alternative. Some nations have introduced specific laws that advocate for its use, while others are still reluctant. Legalizing it has reignited a heated political topic that has sparked controversy worldwide between the proponents and antagonists. The drug is often associated with aggressive behavior, as well as a surge in crime rates. Nevertheless, based on its economic and medicinal value, the positives from the use of cannabis have proved to outweigh the negatives.

Legalizing Marijuana

legalizing marijuana

Legalizing marijuana can be an alternative source of revenue for the government. All marijuana products can be subjected to taxation in a bid to increase tax revenue. Funds obtained from the sale of marijuana can be channeled to essential public programs, including youth mentoring, drug treatment, and anti-bullying campaigns. More than 750,000 individuals are apprehended in the United States for using cannabis yearly. Surprisingly, they are arrested for something that does not inflict harm to another party. Enforcement incurs a lot of costs to cater to each person’s case. By making marijuana legal, the government could save taxpayers’ dollars currently being wasted on prohibition enforcement.

The medical field will significantly benefit as a result of legalizing cannabis. It is scientifically proven that cannabis is vital in the treatment of some medical conditions. For instance, it has been widely utilized in preventing cancer, anxiety, and glaucoma. The drug has not only assisted patients with AIDS in gaining weight but also in stimulating appetite. Whereas medical marijuana cannot eases severe pain such as post-surgical pain, it is effective for relieving chronic pain, which is the primary cause of disability in the United States. It is believed that the drug is less addictive, and it is not possible to overdose.


Legalizing and regulating cannabis will play an essential role in fostering economic growth and development. More employment and economic opportunities will be available in the formal economy. The government will increase sources of its revenues, thereby combating a federal deficit that has persisted for years. Additionally, safer and cheaper alternatives will be available for some of the medical conditions.

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