The Israel Apartheid Week: Have Your Heard These 5 Interesting Theories About It

Israel Apartheid Week: The tension in Israel is caused by three independent sources that strengthen each other. First, while Israel is a Jewish state, 17 percent of its population in Palestine. The existence of Palestine within the borders of Israel creates a lot of animosity and tension as to the legitimacy of Israel over its geographical borders.

Israel Apartheid Week

Secondly, the debate and competition among the religious factions of Jews and the secular, culturally rooted Jewish also creates tension weakening its bid over its legitimacy. Lastly, the tension in Israel is also caused by the intensified political debate about Israel’s geographical borders and its nature. Many Jews express the desire for Israel to remain a purely Jewish state. However, they are confused about what should entail Israel border putting into consideration the 1967 lines and the entire region of Palestine and Israel

israel apartheid week
Israel flag with a view of old city Jerusalem and the KOTEL- Western wall

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