Individual Processed Food Item: the 5 Interesting Facts

Topic 1: Choose one processed (ie cereal, cookies, frozen dinner entree, popular drink etc) preferably that you eat
or someone you know eats. Topics will be picked in Week 4 with instructor\’s approval. Every student chooses a Content:
8-10 slide presentation needs to be on topic, relating to and including:
Describe a little history regarding your processed food (ie was there a demand for it? Is it new to consumers? etc)
Describe how this processed food is advertised (ie tv, radio, word of mouth, nutrition stores, etc.)

processed food
Salty snacks

Processed Food

Describe the competition of this food item within the US food markets.
Detail the nutrition of this food item, what it contatins and is that useful to the daily nutrient for any individual.
After conducting your research: would you recommend the item as a nutritional food item to your friends and family?

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