ETHICAL DILEMMA : 5 profound facts that you should know

Ethical Dilemma : You are a court administrator and really like Judge Sonyer, your boss.

He is pleasant, punctual, and hardworking.

One day, you hear him talking to the prosecutor in chambers. He is talking about the defendant in a trial that is about to start, and you hear him say that “the son-of-a-bitch is as guilty as sin.”

You happen to be in law school and know that, first, the prosecutor and judge should not be talking about the case without the presence of the defense attorney, and, second, the judge has expressed a preexisting bias.

The judge’s statement is even more problematic because this is a bench trial and he is the sole determiner of guilt or innocence. What would you do?

ethical dilemma
path leads to decision which changes the path in two directions on colorful background

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