Developing a philosophy of leadership is essential to the effective leadership of an organization. The role of a leader is to create a conducive environment and inspire the people he leads to realize and release the greatness within them.  To be successful as a leader, one must take some time to develop a personal leadership philosophy. The philosophy communicates the values they believe in. Thinking through the kind of leadership style one wants to achieve leads to strong and effective leadership. The 44th president of the US, Barack Obama is a classic example of a leader whose style of leadership is emulatable. His philosophy of leadership was that of transparency, courage, hope and transformation. He was a good orator who made Americans and the world at large believe that a better tomorrow was possible and that they could empower themselves. My leadership philosophy is to lead with integrity and humility. I would like to have a learning mindset and a desire to see my followers become the best version of themselves

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