CRITICAL THINKING: The 5 Best Ways to be a better critical thinker

‘Think Critically’ is a self-reflective book that advances the concept of critical thinking as the best way to solve problems and making decisions. It guides the reader on how to apply reasoned judgment based on experience, evidence and careful analysis when deciding what to believe or what to do.

Critical Thinking: Analyze Arguments and Diagram Decisions

The chapter describes a reasonable argument as one that comprises of a claim and a reason that supports the claim. To arrive at a conclusion regarding the argument, the listener needs to have a better understanding. It involves mapping a line of reasoning and implied ideas, contextualizing situations and interpreting the use of sarcasm, irony and humor.

Ideally, interaction between two or more people should be open and honest, and people should make their reasons and basis for their arguments clear to each other. However in reality, there are implicit and hidden suggestions and sometimes untruths presented in many discussions. Argument maps are used to improve critical thinking skills by providing a method through which to evaluate the reasons and logic presented in support of a conclusion or decision. Argument mapping is important because it helps one identify any errors they make in their analyses and making decisions  

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