Confucianism: Have you heard these 5 amazing facts about it?

According to Confucianism, a society where everyone is well behaved and develops relationships with each person is not enough to achieve social order. Personal cultivation imparted to individuals through education and the presence of society leaders who are concerned with the needs of their subjects does not guarantee that a community if free from evil acts.

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People are “inherently good”, but the community may provide an environment which may corrupt the human mind thereby turning some people into evil-doers. It is plausible to believe that some people have a higher chance of committing atrocities as a result of their early experiences and childhood. Therefore, the biblical view that everyone is born evil and needs to repent and ask for forgiveness is not scientifically correct. In this regard, developing a society where everyone is adequately attended to through personal cultivation has a significant impact on the resultant behavior of humans.

Examples of Confucianism

Examples of Confucianism

According to Milgram’s experiments, excellent leaders influence the behavior of people as studies indicate that people are likely to obey authority. People living in such a society are likely to experience less crime, but a complete social order is impossible to achieve because some criminal acts are caused by a combination of mental issues and inherited genes. People who are born in a family with a history of mental problems or psychotic behavior are likely to develop such characters later in life.

For instance, serial killers are as a result of nurture, nature and extreme mental issues and thus they should be understood instead of being threatened or penalized. The concept of psychological evil suggests that people commit atrocities because of the absence of free will and under the influence of necessity or madness.

confucianism is an ancient Chinese belief system that studies the importance of personal ethics

 In conclusion, personal cultivation is not enough to influence a complete change of character as some human conditions such mental instability are beyond the control of an individual. Although proper upbringing can inhibit psychotic tendencies, the human brain is unpredictable, and thus a mentally disturbed person can cause harm even to their loved ones.

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