BREAST CANCER AWARENESS: The 5 Shocking Leading Causes of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer awareness is important. Every year, many people in the United States and beyond are touched by the hardship and pain caused by breast cancer- a disease that, among women, is not only one of the most prevalent cancers, but also a leading cause of cancer-related deaths. Hundreds of thousands of people are diagnosed with cancer annually. According to Hendrick, Baker, and Helvie (2019), about 12 percent of

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer awareness is necessary because American women will develop invasive breast cancer at some point in their lifetime. This year alone, about 268,600 new invasive breast cancer cases are likely to be diagnosed in women in the United States. These numbers are also likely to be accompanied by about 62, 930 new non-invasive breast cancer cases. Siegel, Miller, and Jemal (2019) explain that about 41, 760 women in the United States will die this year from breast cancer.

For our women, breast cancer-related deaths are higher than those for other types of cancer, apart from lung cancer. While these statistics paint such a dull and depressing picture, there is some positive news regarding breast cancer survivors over the past decade. Siegel, Miller, and Jemal (2019) explain that the incidence rates of breast cancer in the United States have been decreasing since 2000. Between 2002 and 2003 alone, the incidence rates went down by 7 percent (Hendrick, Baker & Helvie, 2019). The death rates have also been decreasing since 1989, a factor that has been attributed to earlier detection through proper screening, advanced treatment interventions, and increased breast cancer awareness. The survival rates for breast cancer have increased dramatically over the years.

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