Autism in Children: 5 Profound Facts


Autism in children, is also called autism spectrum disorder. It s a development condition that affects how the child communicates and relates to other people. It affects how the patients perceive and socialize with other people. As a result, the affected persons experience problems in communication and social interaction. Autism spectrum disorder in children is also linked with repetitive and limited behavior patterns.

Which means an individual may show some signs of forgetfulness. Apart from having communication challenges, people with autism have trouble understanding the feelings and thoughts of other people. As a consequence, they are unable to express themselves verbally or non-verbally freely. For children with the condition, learning becomes a challenge because of the uneven development of skills and abilities.

Causes of Autism in Children

The common symptoms of autism in children most times appear before children turn three years old. Keen, Webster and Ridley (2016) explain that for some kids, the signs start manifesting at the time of birth and progress to the later stages of development. Children with autism often avoid eye contact. Even in situations where contact is made, it is limited and for a short time. They also do not like to look at other people, even when they are being addressed. Secondly, the interests of these children in certain subjects are either intense or narrow. Sometimes they show a deep interest in the topic, while some other times they seem disinterested and therefore quickly lose touch.

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