Pros and Cons of Tariffs

The laissez-faire doctrine stipulates that trade between countries should be free from government interference. Market forces of demand and supply should determine the prices of goods and services. Despite the existence of this policy, nearly all countries around the globe have abandoned it. They have adopted a protection strategy such as tariffs to increase the […]

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Legalizing Marijuana

Legalizing marijuana can be an alternative source of revenue for the government. All marijuana products can be subjected to taxation in a bid to increase tax revenue. Funds obtained from the sale of marijuana can be channeled to essential public programs, including youth mentoring, drug treatment, and anti-bullying campaigns. More than 750,000 individuals are apprehended in the United States for using cannabis yearly. Surprisingly, they are arrested for something that does not inflict harm to another party. Enforcement incurs a lot of costs to cater to each person’s case. By making marijuana legal, the government could save taxpayers’ dollars currently being wasted on prohibition enforcement.

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In modern-day organizations, leadership involves eliminating the obstacles that may hinder employees from attaining the desired goals, and empowering them with the freedom and resources to make decisions on behalf of the organization. A leader should be able t have a good interpersonal relationship with employees, and should also demonstrate behavior that motivates employees to work cohesively towards the achievement of the organization’s objectives. Effective leadership is crucial to the organization because it has an impact on all stakeholders’ perception of an organization.

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How Banking Affected the Depression

In Chapter 24, the text suggests that there are two major theories that attempt to explain the cause of the Great Depression. In a two- to three-page paper (excluding the title and references pages), explain and critique those two theories, including their similarities and differences. Discuss the controversy between the two theories. Finally, identify which […]

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Leadership and Ethics

Spend time in reflection of your prior experiences with nursing leaders. Identify one ethical issue to which sound leadership principles were applied. Select three strategies to address the issue in the interest of the patient. Provide succinct examples of how your chosen ethical issue impacts nursing.

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Fat- and Water-Soluble Vitamins

Why are vitamins an important part of daily nutrient intake?What are fat-soluble vitamins? What are high nutrient sources of these vitamins?What are the functions, benefits, deficiency risks, and toxicity risks of fat-soluble vitamins?What are water-soluble vitamins? What are high nutrient sources of these vitamins?What are the functions, benefits, deficiency risks, and toxicity risks of water-soluble […]

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Advanced Nursing Practitioner

Select and describe an Advanced Nurse Practitioner role. For example, Family Nurse Practitioner or Gerontological Nurse Practitioner. Find one research articles and one expert opinion article about this role. Summarize the articles.

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Advocacy Action Plan

One of the challenges in the educational setting can be effective communication that works well for a variety of learners and messages. One strategy to help you ensure that your communication strategies are responsive and supportive is to develop norms. This can guide your work as a community of learners.In this section, develop a set […]

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Spotify Case Analysis

Background Spotify is a popular digital music, podcast and video streaming platform that connects users to millions of songs from all over the world. Issues 1. Inconsistent Content Due to legal issues, sometimes Spotify does not have permission to add certain content or must remove existing content. 2. Increased Competition Different apps have more or […]

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